Senior Electrical/Mechanical Engineer

ATS Job ID- R111387, Job Location- QA-QA01-Doha

Minimum Clearance Required To Start

Not Applicable/None

Job Description

Are you invigorated by a changing scope of challenges?

We’re open and receptive to learning your solutions that will help us continue to lift our organization to new levels. We need senior executives who are problem-solvers stimulated by possibilities. Confident and resourceful solution-seekers like you make us the leaders we are.

Parsons’ engineering and construction management staff members create innovative, safe, and sustainable infrastructure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait. We deliver rail, transit, road, and highway transportation; water conveyance and wastewater treatment; oil and gas; land development; public; and aviation infrastructure to our customers and communities. Parsons creates interconnected communities and world-class infrastructure.

  • Must have the ability to utilize computer technology to access data, maintain records, generate reports, etc.
  • Familiar with Qatar Construction Aspects and the Design review and hydraulic calculations.

There’s always a better way, and when you see it, we want to hear it

We value leaders who have the curiosity and flexibility to explore new possibilities for profitability. Our resolve to stay in the lead in today’s continuously evolving business arena will keep us open to your new ideas. Our dynamic environment will encourage and stimulate you and the people who report to you as perhaps never before. We support diversity by empowering all employees to shape their futures and ours through promotion and personal growth. Join us!

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent from an accredited University to the approval of the Engineer

  • Minimum 15 years demonstrated experience in all aspects of supervision of similar size pump station projects or equivalent construction projects.
  • At least, have 5 years’ experience in all aspects of mechanical design & review pumping stations and SGW treatment works related to public infrastructure projects.
  • At least, have 5 years consulting experience as a mechanical engineer in an international consulting company.
  • Must have experience in construction, testing and commissioning of pumping stations, SGW treatment plants and all environmental protection aspects of the construction

Our most important resource is your innovative mind

If you can see fresh approaches to our procedures or products… if you can envision bigger goals to move us ahead… you’ll have our attention! We approach everyday operations with a sharp eye for how to stay on the cutting edge. What we want is sharp executive minds to keep us growing. Our diverse staff hails from a variety of backgrounds, all bringing their valuable perspectives and skills. Here, everyone is included, respected, and offered every opportunity to grow
Post date: 31 December 2020
Publisher: Company Website
Post date: 31 December 2020
Publisher: Company Website