Factory Manager

Job Responsibilities 1

Principal Accountabilities
* Oversees all factory and production processes.
* Reviews production schedule on daily basis.
* Coordinates with projects and technical department for project planning and scheduling.
* Establish and maintain a safe, legally compliant workplace, and enforcing compliance with all corporate policies and procedures.
* Maintains a positive department’ attitude and ensures all employees are aligned with company standards.

Job Responsibilities 2

* Ensures that production task agenda is achieved based on the production method statement and Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) with 100% completed on or before the scheduled date of accomplishment.
* Develops a standard quality control process and ensuring factory employees work to established standards.
* Ensures the proper handling and monitoring of the daily work progress status.
* Improves the machines efficiency to increase productivity and reduce down time and increase profit.
* Ensures that the factory equipment is running at optimal efficiency. Establish maintenance procedure for every machine and ensure employees follow this procedure regularly.
* Ensures that instruction must follow accordingly as per the production material specification and material packages selection.
* Implements and improves the schedule planning to be more accurate and effective for the production activities.
*  Ensures that Head of section maintain 100% of workers under the supervision are complying with the company’s safety procedures during work hours on a daily basis.
*  Verifies and improves communication with procurement, projects and technical department to meet up the accomplishment of projects.
*  Accomplishes assigned works on the time frame allotted maintaining the quality according to company standards and reduce the reworks percentage to 0%.
*  Maintains a very good communication level transparency.
* Provides operation training for existing factory employees to improve their ability for better production and cost reduction.
* Communicates to all employees and ensures that deliverables are aligned with company standards and boost their energy and keep morale high to improve productivity.
* Ensure compliance with company policy, procedures and applicable regulations.
*  Provides direction to subordinate managers, offering professional expertise and monitoring performance to ensure that departmental and individual objectives are achieved within scheduled timelines and budgets.
* Provides coaching and mentoring and conduct evaluations of all subordinate managers within the department

Additional Responsibilities 3

Job Knowledge & Skills

* Good experience in production, technical, estimation, and project execution.
* Knowledgeable in computer applications
* Knowledge about continuous improvement process in production industry
* Know how to delegate, manage and control the complete operations of the industry.
* Commercial and Financial acumen
Strong knowledge of safety, environmental and quality regulations

Job Experience

Total    10year(s) On Job      5 year(s) GCC     4 year(s)


Shows Entrepreneurial Spirit - Proficient
Displays Customer Centricity - Proficient
Agility - Proficient
Strives for Innovation - Proficient
Drives Performance M1
Demonstrates Resilience - Proficient
Develops Future Leaders - Developing
Demonstrates Accountability - Proficient
Cultivates Loyalty & Integrity - Proficient
Creates Strategy M1
Promotes Teamwork - Proficient
Production/Process Monitoring L2
Engineering Conceptsknowledge L2
Industry Regulationsand Require


Job Summary

Oversees the production and installation progress. Ensures that Factory is running as well as it possibly can, with a smooth efficient service that meets the expectations and needs of customers and clients. Develop and implement innovative strategies to streamline factory operations
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الناشر: Bayt
تاريخ النشر: اليوم
الناشر: Bayt