Remote Work - Video Editor

Brain Education Middle East, a Qatar Based company, is currently looking for a Video Editor. This vacancy is open for candidates residing Lebanon and are interested to do remote work for us.  

Please read below Job Description carefully and if you feel you are qualified for the position, send us your CV at to received the materials and instructions for the practical test.  Please note that a practical test will be given prior to the interview for us to know your skills and creativity in video editing.

Job Description

Mandatory requirement

Before you read any further, please watch

We are looking for 8’s or 9’s only. There is no need to apply if you are anything less. Placement in the Organization The successful candidate for this position will be Working on the production and editing of content for all viewing platforms. Trailers, teasers, shorts, training videos and feature presentations. Although you should be a competent camera operator, sound recordist, and be able to light a scene, the emphasis is on editing. You should be an extraordinary editor capable of not only wowing viewers, but also your production team. You should have an excellent understanding of all social media platforms. And as such be able to create content that is optimized for each platform. You should also be capable of posting and interacting with an audience, although this probably will not be part of your day-to-day duties.

Functions and Responsibilities:

The Video Editor will be responsible for the following functions:

1. Work with a production team and assist in the creation of scripts, storyboards and indeed every aspect of post-production to optimize workflow and ensure the highest quality of captured material.

2. Postproduction - This is where you excel. This is where you shine. This is where you:- a. Undertake clean color grades b. Clean audio c. Cut out the fluff d. Reorganize if needed e. Keep the 10 second rule f. Look after aesthetic design g. Generate required titling h. Ensure smooth flow of the edit

3. Good communication skills in English; applicant with Arabic as a second language will be prioritized.

4. Good hardware and capability of HD & 4K rendering. 5. Good internet speed. 6. Performs other duties as may be required.

Minimum Qualifications:

(1) Academic and professional qualifications

i. Successful completion of a diploma or a bachelor degree in Multi-media, Media, Communications, or related field.

ii. Specialized training with proven experience that are equivalent to the academic degree.

(2) Experience: i. At least two years of experience in similar field of works. Sample of your works will need to be submitted prior to an interview.

(3) Language:

i. English is required.

ii. Arabic is prioritized.

iii. Korean is advantage.

(4) Computer Proficiency:

i. Davinci Resolve is our main studio editing software and is expected to be utilized for all editing processes.

ii. The very highest proficiency in video / photo editing as well as graphics and animation software including but not limited to: Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Photoshop, Microsoft Office.

iii. Outstanding knowledge of hardware associated with cinematography. Best use and practices along with safe operation and storage.

(5) Competencies:

i. Effective communicators especially using social media and different means of communications,

ii. Ability to establish and maintain work relationships with a multi-cultural work environment,

iii. Working under pressure with different managerial styles including micro and macro management.

iv. Creative thinking skills and understanding of social media trends. Knowledge of major social media platforms, marketing tools.

v. Ability to write posts on Facebook, Instagram and other social media websites.

vi. Adaptable with switching ability to work with more than one kind of service with different 'look & feel' as well as targeting different audiences.

vii. Continuous learning to adopt new styles of work & content as well as new and changing work modes,

viii. Self-Organized, accountable and communicative from a distance with proper reporting skills to track progress and deliverables,

ix. Open-minded to accept criticism, advices and growth opportunities.

x. Stylistically flexible to work on scientific based material as well as philosophical, and be able to produce work that is minimalist, bold, pragmatic and clear as well work that is artistic, abstract, expressive creative.

xi. Self-starter with high degree of initiative and the ability to think critically.

xii. Demonstrated ability to multi-task and prioritize in a fast-paced environment.

Important Conditions & Dates:

▪ You must be fluent in English; applicant with Arabic as a second language will be prioritized.

▪ Closing date for applications is 31 May 2021.

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