Medical Director

We are a soon-to-open integrative health center in Doha, Qatar, that approaches modern health and wellbeing from a functional perspective and operates in a holistic manner, bringing a multi-faceted methodology to solving chronic illness. We need a physician to lead our founding team, managing the center as a space that approaches the human body in a holistic manner. 

SEED Health and Wellness will be a one-stop shop in providing world-class medical services available to residents here. We plan to offer a wide range of services including preventive, promotive, proactive, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative interventions. The Center helps people adopt a healthier lifestyle and facilitate positive health behavior changes through a combination of efforts to enhance awareness, change behavior, and create environments that support good health practices. We will be offering anti-aging and aesthetic services to support everyone who comes through our door on their wellness journey. 

The Medical Director holds a management and operations position at SEED. The Medical Director will see patients in a clinical setting, and spearhead educational programming that stresses the importance of diet, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, mind-body connection and the impact of environmental factors in health and disease. The Medical Director will implement strategies to develop and enhance patient care to lead and improve our medical practice. 

Clinical Responsibilities:

To examine patients, review their medical history, diagnose illnesses or diseases, administer treatment plan and counsel patients on their health and wellbeing in conjunction with supporting staff (Physician’s assistant, coach, nutritionist, holistic modality practitioners, Naturopathic Doctor).

  • Order appropriate lab tests and interpret results based on IFM recommendations, clinical experience and patient capabilities using an individualized approach
  • Work closely with physician’s assistant or nurse, as well as health coach to ensure patient satisfaction and follow up with patients 
  • Suggest additional treatments offered at SEED to assist in reaching patient’s optimal wellbeing 
  • Maintain patient confidentiality 
  • Stay up to date with functional medicine news and current research

Medical Director Day-to-Day Responsibilities:

  • Provide direct clinical medical services to patients with the highest standards of medical and professional practice and in full accordance with health center protocols and policies, as established in conjunction with management and outlined above. 
  • Work with management and other SEED Doctors to develop SEED specific patient intake questionnaire based on existing templates (IFM, living matrix, Go2Health) suited to local needs. 
  • Work with management and other SEED Doctors to create SEED specific functional patient protocol templates and report that explains all lab results and is easy to follow (template areas to be individualized: fertility, weight loss, sleep, neurodegenerative, thyroid/autoimmune etc.)
  • Work together with management team to develop medical staffing plan to meet medical needs of SEED and its patients while achieving overall business and revenue objectives
  • Participate in the recruitment of qualified clinical staff including interviewing and making a recommendation for hire
  • Responsible for directing all practitioners in the practice of quality care according to standards and benchmarks set by SEED and applicable licensing boards, etc.
  • Work to develop and oversee standardized protocol recommendations that are clear for patients to follow
  • Establish systems to allow for a cross-functional work environment amongst practitioners with a patient-centric approach including in-house referrals and productivity benchmarks

All specialties will be considered. We’re also hiring for other physician positions. 

SEED will operate as a platform for education about developing an interconnected approach to wellness. The population here is very diverse, with a mix of expatriates from all over the world, as well as long-term Arab residents and citizens. The outlook is very global facing, and the relatively small city size and population make this a great place to create a real impact.

Compensation commensurate with experience. Relocation Expenses covered. Position is full time in Doha, Qatar. Arabic language proficiency is considered a bonus

تاريخ النشر: ١٤ أبريل ٢٠٢١
الناشر: LinkedIn
تاريخ النشر: ١٤ أبريل ٢٠٢١
الناشر: LinkedIn