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At Q - Electronics, we take on the integrated
approach of coupling quality technologies, innovative brands and impeccable
workmanship into our solutions. The resulting synergy creates solutions that
cater to our client’s requirements with defined precision. Our objective is to
harness the many advantages of technology while eliminating the inherent difficulty
of adapting, before delivering

Q - Electronics is a Systems Integrator Company.
Our dedicated purpose is to provide turnkey technology solutions to residential
and commercial projects. Our solutions span Automation, AV, Security,
Integration, ELV & Low-Current Systems.

Q - Electronics oers a multitude of quality
technologies that produce a comprehensively integrated space.  Our solutions provide our customers with the
latest in ELV Solutions, Luxury Smart Home Automation Systems, Low Current
Solutions, Audio Visual Products, Comprehensive Control, and Security


Within the residential vector, specializes in
delivering high-end luxury Q - Electronics automation & AV solutions. With
all sub-systems integrated, Q - Electronics provides homeowners with
comprehensive control over the entire space. Our aim is to enhance

Residential & Commercial

- Electronics providing comprehensive services Low-Current, ELV & ICT solutions
to all commercial spaces & facilities. We cater to each sub-scope
specifically, providing the latest in hardware & software integrated

aim is to enhance Residential lifestyle through functionality, control &